Stockholm, Sweden

Introduction to Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, Europe. The city itself is build on 14 islands, surrounded by breathtaking nature, counting more than 50 bridges

Along the coast, on the east side of the city, you find a collection of islands. Better known as the Stockholm Archipelago. Here, just about 20 minutes from the city center, you find incredible views, lakes and infitive nature. The city itself offers some top notch universities and forms the corporate centre of the Nordics.

You can comfortably move around to explore this city; public transportation is easy accesible and it provides a well connected metro system. Many highlights are on walking distance from one another. Especially the Old Town is perfectly walkable and offers a variety of boutiques, authentic restaurants and historic buildings to observe. 

Prejudice vs Reality

Stockholm surprised me. I did not have very high expectations of this city, but I became curious to see it. I had heard stories about the quiet places surrounded by nature, about the high costs and a some comments about the gastronomy and nightlife. However, almost everyone I spoke to, gave me the impression that the city would not be that exciting, it was even described as a bit boring; people are not out much, there are not so many restaurants etc. But when I got to explore it myself (I went early September) I actually found out that the opposite is true.

This city has so much to offer! Surrounded by beautiful nature, an authentic old city center with incredible buildings and architecture. Restaurants all around, with high quality food and excellent service. Parks that take your breath away and people that are polite and patient. In other words, absolutely stunning and worth a visit! 


The North of Europe is known for its structure, organized people and planning. I think Scandanavia tops this when it comes to preparation and scheduling.

So a little adjustment is needed here. Be sure to make reservations for restaurants a few weeks before your trip. Good restaurants get easily fully booked, as people plan their dinners ahead quite a lot.

The city is filled with parks and nature, select some places in advance that you want to visit. For some you need to pay an entrance fee, like at Skansen for example, the so called 'open air museum'.  


Stockholm basic tips:

  • Visit the Skansen park, here you also find authentic workplaces such as a place for glass production. But they also have animals in the park like Moose, Bears, Owls and Wolves
  • Have Fika every day in Sweden. The Swedes they love their sweet moments. For a small coffee break in the morning or to still the hunger in the afternoon
  • Stroll around the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan), through the authentic streets with the medieval style buildings
  • Order a drink in one of the hotel bars, some of the city hotels are stunning. Their interior design is classy, gracious and grand. Try Hotel Nobis for example.  


I will definitely want to explore more of this city, soon I will be back. Looking forward to sharing new experiences with you by then. 


If you haven't done so yet, add this city to your Europe Travel wishlist! ;) 


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