Venice, Italy

Introduction to Venice

Venice, the Italian dream coming true. I think every single sole on earth has heard of Venice. All over the world people are intrigued by its beauty and fairytale appearance. No wonder many movies are shot right here.

Venice is one of the cities based in the Veneto area, located in the North East of Italy in the Venetian Lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. About 118 islands, linked by more than 400 bridges over the canals create this paradise of a city. The infrastructure of Venice has not changed for over 600 years of its existance, this might be the most facinating yet about this place. Let's explore!


What a magical city. I was fotunate to be shown around by a local guide. I was amazed how much she knows about this city. Every little street, every boutique name and almost every local she knows. But I am not surprised she is passionate about her home town... Every corner seems to have a new surprise another incredible view over the canals, a hidden restaurant or a shop where they sell the typical Venetian masks. The image of this authentic place, meeting modernity will never leave my mind. One of my pictures shows a gondolier, in his traditional clothing, looking at his cell phone, this is definitely one of my favorites. And a perfect example blend of tradition and modernity. 

Be prepared

Get ready to walk long distance, wear comfortable shoes because once you start walking there is no way back. There is no public transportation and getting a taxi or driving at all, is basically impossible in the city center. The only transportation possibility are the watertaxis and the gondola rides. But be aware, those are not cheap. So prepare for walking, the streets are bumpy and some of the bridges are steep. But wow, this makes Venice so special and so unique!

Venice basic tips:

  • Take a ride on one of the taxi boats or the Gondolas
  • Visit Sant Marco square, here you also find the cathedral and the entrance to the Palace
  • Explore the city by foot, you will be surprised by all the canals, little streets and typical Venetian shops with masks and traditional clothing
  • Excursion to Murano, here they produce the most beautiful creations like jewelery from the famous Murano glass


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