Valencia, Spain

Introduction to Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city of Spain, located on the east coast of Spain at the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia started off as a Roman colony when it established its culture, language and religion. The city has a large historic center with lots of stories to tell and with a variety of monuments for you to visit.

Now it is very clear to differentiate the old from the new, as Valencia represents some impressive modern architecture. The mix is interesting, as it creates such a strong contrast and diversity to this Spanish city.

What you see is what you get

I have been visiting Valencia for just a quick weekend away and it is the perfect city to do this. Walking around and having some insider's information made me see a whole lot of this place. The areas are one surprise after another, every neighborhood has its own style and ambiance. From the authentic old town to the boulevard and the modern architecture at the Science Park. There is something to see for everyone.

Combine it all

Valencia is ideal for a short break, when you do not have so much time but you want to combine relaxation with sightseeing. The beach offers the perfect place to relax and to disconnect for a few hours, before you take a look around and find a great dinner place for the night. 

Gastronomy is booming here, so many restaurants to choose from. That is, once you made up your mind in which area you will be having your lunch or dinner. Plenty of squares, to have a quick pitstop with a drink, enjoy the views of locals mingling and listening to the musicians playing their tunes on the background. 

In other words, Valencia has it all. Pictures say more than words, so take a look at my collection below!


Valencia basic tips:

  • Visit the arts and science park (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) modern architecture and fascinating designs
  • Relax at Marina Beach Club for a nice cocktail, some good music and a great beach view
  • Explore the small streets and local bars in El Carmen, but don't get lost ;)
  • Go shopping on Carrer de Colon in the city center, where you find all the typical Spanish brands such as Zara and Mango and the department stores.
  • Absorb all the beauty and the interesting mix of old vs modern architecture while exploring this city



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