Get ready for your interview!

Applying for a new job is one step, but going to the interview is even more challenging and often stressful. Especially when the job you're applying for is one that you have always wanted. How to prepare and what to wear? I will give you a few tips to go well prepared and confident to the interview with your future employer.

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The secret of successful entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Why does it seem to work out so great for some, while others are staying behind? And even though some ideas seem so simple, why is it so difficult to make them happen? Here are the why's. 

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Stress to be successful?

I recently came across a post on Instagram, which stated that if you cannot handle stress, you cannot handle success. But is this really true? It made me think. Many job descriptions include this in their requirements nowadays and recruiters ask questions about stress resistance in interviews. But what is considered stress? Can we define stress? Does it feel the same to all of us? What is a stressful situation? Stress is described in the dictionary as follows: 'A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances'.

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