How to keep your brain young? 6 tips to apply in your daily life

From the age of 30 and onwards our brain starts to shrink and our mental functions become less flexible. Experts say that our brain is at its best capacity when we are about 18 years old. Getting older we are thinking slower and remembering less. So how can we make sure to keep our brain sharp and young?

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Just like any other part of our body, we need to make sure our brain gets enough exercise. Here are 6 tips, easy to apply to your daily routine, to keep your brain active and young.

1. Read consistently

It does not matter of which source, whether you read articles from the internet a book, or even an instruction manual. Reading improves our memory and brain activity, especially when you read consistently. Apart from training the brain, reading brings some other benefits as well. Reading improves concentration, increases your general knowledge, reduces stress and helps you sleep better. If you're not a big reader, start with small books or articles of topics that interest you most. 

2. Play (video) games

Many (digital) games contribute to the stimulation of our brain. Think about word puzzels, patience, a rubik's cube, but also strategy video games. Playing games helps to make us think faster, process information, and switch between different tasks. Moreover, it can help us relax  Now, I won't say this is something that you should be doing day and night. But when you have some time on your hands, this can be a good addition to your brain training.

3. Eat healthy

A healthy lifestyle with a good diet improves brainpower and memory. We call it a diet since your eating pattern should cosist of a healthy combination. Just eating one sort of healthy food won't be enough to increase the cognitive functions of the brain. Foods such as nuts and seeds, oily fish, grains, avocado, green vegetables and berries stimulate brain activity. Needless to say that smoking and drinking too much alcohol trigger the opposite effect.

4. Get enough exercise 

Just like exercising your brain, your body should also get enough exercise. Apart from the physical benefits, it strenghtens your brain and improves mental health. Maybe you've noticed that when you are coping with a problem or strong emotions, you feel better after doing sports. That is exactly the effect it has on our mind, it makes us broaden our perspective, it helps us think and learn. It is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes in sequence a day.


5. Listen to music

Music, old or new, can bring back or create memories. Experts say that listening to music can improve sleep and concentration, it reduces stress and it stimulates the recall of memories. What type of music works best depends on each person. This has to do with preferences of the past and how you feel with a certain type of music. One needs to listen to calming music while another can listen to rock music being focussed.

6. Never stop learning

Whether it is a course or study you are taking, listening to a podcast or joining a seminar, it is never to late to learn. Providing your brain with new information, has many benefits, it activates your brain activity and creates new connections between neurons. Furthermore it helps against dementia and makes your brain more 'flexible'.

Using our time efficiently by applying the above tips into our daily life, makes us train the brain consistently. We all want to keep a good memory and be alert at all times. 



Keep your brain active and young, feed your mind 


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