The secret of successful entrepreneurs

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Why does it seem to work out so great for some, while others are staying behind? And even though some ideas seem so simple, why is it so difficult to make them happen? Here are the why's. 

Figure it out

First things first, a good idea is not always a successful one. Even though many of us have brilliant plans and thoughts, it is not always workable. Most of the time, we do not specify the idea enough to even start and work on it. The idea is in our mind, but we hold back to put it into action. 

A good idea might seem realistic at first, but you have to ask yourself some questions first: 

  • Why do I wanna do this?
  • Does it already exist? 
  • Is there a market for it? 
  • Is my idea or product specific enough?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why am I different?
  • Where do I start?

If the answer to the first question is: "To make money", you might want to reconsider your plans. The most successful business models are successful because the idea got born as a solution or a gap in the market. Eventually, your goal is to make money, but if the main purpose isn't even clear to you, how are you going to sell your idea?

Get started

This might sound logical, but it is the hardest step to take. You thought so much about your idea or concept that you started seeing bumps on the road or risks. We can get cold feet from our own ideas, taking a risk is part of the deal. So get started! You are already late. 

Successful entrepreneurs truly believe in trial and error. If you don't try, it will never work out, that is certain. 

Never give up

You fall and stand up, over and over again. You will hear many no's until you get the yesses. But when you are truly convinced of your product, your service, or concept, you will succeed sooner or later. This is so important, but also complicated to not give up.

Coming across negativity, disappointments and rejections will get you off guard from time to time. Do not give up, keep your head up high and keep on going. 

Believe in you and your idea

When you are convinced about your product or idea you are more likely to succeed. It is hard for others to believe you if you do not believe yourself. So once you figured it out, stick to it and let no one tell you differently. You started an adventure, a challenge that you were convinced about from the start, so keep on believing. And do not be afraid of the response or what people think of your 'insane' idea. 

However, be flexible to bend. Your first idea might not be the best, but the concept might be just the breakthrough you were hoping for.

Take a risk

A successful business never got off the ground without sacrifices or taking risks. Always be ready to take the next step, even if that includes taking a risk. You might take the risk of failing, the risk of getting rejected or the risk of investing. Whether that investment is time or money, you only know what the outcome will be once you tried. 

Becoming successful can even require sacrifices. Getting you out of your comfort zone, spending time away from loved ones, or cutting off activities in your schedule to make time for your business. 

take a risk successful business

Be prepared, be the expert

Whatever you do, be prepared. Presenting your idea? Prepare. Meeting potential investors? Prepare. Launching your service or product? Prepare. 

One thing is for sure, nothing will come easy. People you meet will always have questions or doubts. And maybe the most important: be prepared for the unexpected! You will be surprised by questions and situations you do not feel prepared for. Be the expert and find a way to deal with difficult circumstances or disappointments. Remember, it is your idea, so you ARE the expert. 

Be ready to jump, be smart and impress, but most of all have faith.

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