A positive mind is a positive life

We have all heard it before; think positive, create your own happiness, love yourself etc. But these are just words, if you do not know how to truly believe in them. Anybody can tell you to stick to these guidelines, but do you put them into practice? Create a positive mind and lifestyle.

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Learn how to filter

Almost daily people are giving us advice, but hardly ever does it stay with us. The advice of how we should think, the way we should talk, what to believe and what to do with our lives. The reason why most things do not stay with us, is because we do not believe in them or we have a different opinion. The power of our mind is that we have the capability of filtering information. But most of us do not apply this skill fully to our daily lives.

Take the good advice

So here is the thing, we know we can filter information and even thoughts, but how to use it to our own benefit? Once we know ourselves and we understand our personal values, it is much easier to use information for our own good. People talk a lot about negativity and emotions, or frustration. It is easy to listen to it and to agree or even to make that negativity part of your own emotion and to have it influence your mood. 

Block for negativity

This is the first step in the process of positive thinking. Block the negativity out! Especially if it does not directly concern you. How to do this? At first, it might not be easy but listening to negative news in unavoidable, unfortunately. However, listening and letting it affect your feelings, is something completely different. I am not saying you cannot be emotional or not taking negative news seriously. However, we should try not to let it take over our state of mind and affect our happiness. 

Example: your best friend tells you that he/ she is in the middle of a divorce and it is leaving your friend heartbroken, your friend does not know where to go and has no faith in true love existing anymore.  

Now there are two ways to respond as a friend:

  • Option one: You are so involved with his/ her emotion that you totally agree, as a single person you see the point of view on true love not existing anymore and you decide to go with her/ his flow; they are all the same. You and your friend are convinced that you are both better off alone.
  • Option two: You care a lot for your best friend and you feel extremely bad for him/ her. You will be there whenever he/ she needs you and you are always open to talk and give support. However, your friend's love life does not involve you directly so you still stick to your own values and you do believe in true love exists. You tell him/ her that not everyone is the same and that when your friend is ready again will meet that special one.

Empower positivity, not negativity

Once we learn how to convert information, we start to get more power and influence over our minds and thoughts. From the above example, it is clear that with the first option you are empowering the friend's negative thoughts. Even so much, that you are applying them to ourselves. These might cheers both of you up in the short term, but in the long term the positive approach will have a better effect on your friend's wellbeing, on having faith and on the bond between the two of you and the friendship. Because you kept him/her positive and even though he/ she did not have faith and did not believe your words at that point, you helped your friend through in the end. 

Master your positive thoughts

Now that we understand the power of our mind even better, we can apply it to our thoughts. Cause somehow we are sometimes a better advice-giver to others than to ourselves. 

Influence your future with positivity

Start filtering your (unnecessary) negative thoughts and tell yourself that all of those negative experiences and emotions you learned your lesson. So now it is time to grow and think positive. Things will be different next time, whether it is in your own hands or not: it will be better next time. 

On the other hand you want to look positive to the future, even if you are just recovering from a bad experience or a loss. Make plans in your mind of what beautiful things lay ahead of you. Even if that is difficult at this point in your life, think about the precious moments that you have and promise yourself to experience many more of those moments.

Trust yourself

Last but not least: apply positive thinking to reach your goals, to your dreams and beliefs. A mountain can seem very high, but it is even higher with all the obstacles you see in front of it. Trust yourself, very important! Trust that you always do your utmost and that you are making the best out of any situation you are in. Believe in your own power and visualize your dreams and believe that your dreams can come true. 

Creating a positive and successful life, is in your own hands. Make the best of it!


Did you know that green house plants have a positive effect on your mind and mental state? It stimulates creativity and decreases anxiety. 

TIP: Take each day a moment to meditate and allow yourself to only have positive thoughts during this time

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