Having everything you want?

We all have dreams and endless wishes. We have some ideals and perfect pictures in our minds of what our life should look like. An image of what it would be like when we feel complete and happy. But is this realistic? Is it even doable what we imagine? And once we have it, don't we want more in the end? Is having everything we want, really what we want?

having everything

Wishful thinking

How often do we wish for things we don't have, for more or for something different? It is in our human nature to never have enough and always be looking for something better.'' When I have that job, that car or a partner, I will be happy''. When we have something in mind, we want to do everything in our power to make it happen, even if it feels forced sometimes or when it is not the right time. But when we want something, nothing else matters but to reach that goal and get what we want.

The grass is always greener

Isn't the grass always greener? We are surrounded by people who make us feel like we are 'behind'. Behind, because we do not have what they have. They maybe have a better job, a higher salary, a happy family or a house we always dreamed of.

But we forget to be happy with what we have, to be in the now and to enjoy what we have achieved so far. Sometimes we forget how hard we worked for where we got and how much we had to fight for the things we cherish the most. Apart from seeing what other people have, we should take a moment and look back at our own lives, our own efforts and achievements. So maybe you do not have all the material things your neighbor has, or maybe you do not have your dream job yet. But what about life experience, what about moments and memories that no one will ever take away from you. Maybe you just have the best humor or do you happen to have the most beautiful smile that makes everybody jealous. 

grateful having everything

Dream and cherish

When things seem to be missing in your life, you might be exactly in the right place.. Wishing for something you want and working towards it, should make us feel even more grateful; having everything you want will end up in boredom and disappointment. Having dreams motivates us to grow, to do better and to reach even higher. Never forget where you stand right now, right here.. And what you have achieved so far, whether that is material or experience, it all counts. Probably life experience and beautiful memories are even more fulfilling than all the rest of it. Do not compare yourself with people your surrounded with, they might have much more to wish for than you do. 

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Never stop dreaming, but never forget what you have! 💗

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Dav Warnock
2 years ago

I enjoyed reading the above article - so true in many ways.
Dream and Dream big - But be realistic.

Will look forward to reading your other articles.


Eric Hooper
10 months ago

Hey Fleur,

Really enjoyed reading this article. I especially agree with your point about how we as humans always crave more. We think that once this happens or that happens, then we will finally be content and happy. In reality, it's a never-ending rat race that we can't seem to get out of, where we're always craving more and more.

I recently started a blog (themindfulzoomer.com) where I plan on writing about how we can alter our mindsets to live more fulfilling lives. Hopefully we can collaborate in the future.

I look forward to reading more articles!