How to stay healthy in confinement?

Now more than ever before is it important to stay fit and healthy. However, this is not always easy for the people being in full lockdown currently. The places where there are fewer restrictions to move around freely, offer more possibilities to do sports and get some outside time. Even though we are limited one way or another we should open up to some creative solutions. Besides staying physically fit we also need to stay mentally fit; these two factors are undoubtedly strongly connected.

healthy lifestyle at home

Create your daily routine 

Whether you are currently working from home or not working at all, stick to your daily routine. Obviously your routine will be different from what you are used to, however keeping a healthy rhythm will make you feel more balanced. It will make your day feel more structured and productive. For example, when you get up each day at the same time, you take a shower, get dressed, you will feel like your day already has a purpose. Try to plan different activities spread over your day, like having breakfast, doing your exercises, work, or do some research, give yourself some relaxation time, prepare your lunch, etc. How you fill it in is completely up to you, but the point is to create order in your day so that it feels more enjoyable for yourself. You will see that time will pass by much quicker this way. Besides, it distracts you from all the coronavirus fear and other influential happenings on the outside. 

Dress for the day

Although you're most likely not going anywhere, make sure to feel fresh and ready. What I mean by that is when you get up, do some kind of dressing ritual. At least change from your sleepwear into an outfit for the day, no matter what that be. For example, wear sweatpants or a legging, but put a sweater or a nice top on. Maybe some would even enjoy wearing jeans or a dress in the house and put on some make-up. Why not? Changing from your lazy sleeping mode into something else will help you feel more active. In the end, the way you dress influences the way you feel.   

Alternate your exercises

I know these days are not the easiest to stay motivated and to be active. Especially when you can not practice the sport that you most enjoy. Many of us have to settle with different sorts of exercises which do not add up to our regular training routine. And this does not make things any better. However, this means that we have to be inventive and more creative. Also, remember that even some top athletes have to deal with this situation, swimmers for example have to find alternatives at home. Try to find a workout you like, that makes you feel comfortable and maybe even has some elements of your favorite sport in it. 

Eat well & healthy

This is so important right now. Being locked in at home or feeling bored creates an enormous temptation to eat more and spoil yourself with nice snacks and yummy food. But here is the thing, if we already move less and we eat more that would make us gain weight easily. Besides the effect of gaining weight, it makes us feel lazier, more bored and less energetic. This could even turn into a small depression if we are not taking action in time. Make sure that the groceries you go for are at least 80% healthy ingredients. Try to replace your daily load of sugar by fruits and your salty snack (read chips) by nuts or a rice cracker for example. 

Prepare your own food

Find new and healthy recipes, try not to only order food. You do not know how the dishes are prepared and if they are using fresh ingredients etc. If you want to be sure you are eating fair and healthy food, get the right ingredients and start cooking. Make a list of the groceries you need before entering the supermarket, that way you won't get distracted by all the other tempting options.

cook healthy food

Drink lots of water

Such cliché, but still often forgotten. Drink a lot of water. Not only is it a good choice for when you are thirsty, but also it will often take the hungry feeling away. Water is needed to rinse our bodies and since we are burning less by sweating, it is even more important to have water cleaning our system

Listen to your body

Since we are moving less and burning less energy, our bodies should already give us signals of needing less 'fuel'. Try to let go of your normal eating pattern and start listening to what your body is asking for. Are you really hungry? Or is this boredom calling? What I do when I feel like going to the kitchen out of boredom, I decide to make a tea. And guess what, most of the time my 'hunger' disappears as I was not really hungry in the first place. 

Fresh air

If you are not able to go outside for recreational activities, make sure to get enough fresh air. When you have a garden or a balcony this is most likely a bit easier. Otherwise, open your windows as much as possible to have the air flowing inside your home. Nothing is as unhealthy as living and breathing in a closed-off space. When you are restricted to only being outside for the essentials like walking your dog or for groceries try to use this time as a disconnection from the situation. Not only getting fresh air is healthy but also keeping a positive mental state

feel good at home

Live healthy, feel good

By making sure that you are feeling comfortable and living healthy, will have its effect on your well being and mental state. One does not come without the other. While it is easier to influence your daily activities, your positive mindset will steadily grow with your actions. Feeling physically healthy will automatically influence your mood and your thoughts positively. Meaning that since you have this in your own hands, make sure you get your portion of endorphins in these times of uncertainty. By applying the above tips you will feel fitter, happier and stronger, despite the limitations we are confronted with. 


Never forget to take good care of yourself first 😍

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2 years ago

I need take care of my self !!! Be positive 💋❤ big kiss Fleur

Jimmy And.
2 years ago

This is such an inspiring and brilliant article about mindfulness with the mind and the body. I like the fact about the water ! yes, drinking lot of water is needed while confined at home.
Please keep up with the good work Fleur !
Un abrazo.

2 years ago

Well done Fleur, you've written a nice article about our daily life and some very specific advices.