You are not alone!

As the quarantine time prolongs, the reality is sinking in. More and more we start to feel the loneliness and the lack of social activity. The feeling of being isolated and being a prisoner in our own home is growing. The feeling of not being able to move freely is driving many of us crazy. Replacing our active outside sports activities to limited exercises at home, from going out for dinners and having a drink in the bar, to now cooking at home every night with a bottle of wine from the fridge. Yes, this is a huge change and can be very discouraging, but let's open up to a different perspective.

We are made to adapt to change

Even though this is all new to us, as human beings we are made to easily adjust to situations and we are built to adapt to change. Things in life change constantly, we just need to learn how to handle these changes and act accordingly. This can only work out well if we have our minds and thoughts together. Our mind is a powerful tool and it can easily play tricks on us. Do you allow it to focus on the negative, or will you master your thoughts and guide them into a positive flow?

How to overcome your sense of loneliness and negative thoughts?

So even though we are supposed to adapt easily, we cannot help to be affected by our own emotions and feelings. Fear, uncertainty, and frustration can take over quickly. But what if we learn how to train our brains? To train our brain to stay calm, observe the situation, analyze, calculate and react. I will share with you some insights on how to obtain a different mindset, applying this to our current corona crisis lockdown situation.

1. Start with accepting the situation as it is

To do this you would need to understand what is happening and see the bigger picture. Search for stories online from other people, check the news frequently and talk to your friends and family about the situation and how they deal with it. There is little we can do to change this, so we just have to take life as it is right now and trust it will eventually turn back to 'normal'. 

2. Take your time to reflect

This is an important aspect of the process of acceptance. Take your time to asses what is happening, to let your thoughts flow and perhaps meditate. Don't force yourself too much to feel better, this will come with the process. Let your emotions out and listen to your intuition, your body and your mind.

If you are not used to meditating, you could just search for some relaxing music and close your eyes while listening to it. It will give you more peace of mind.  

3. Don't isolate yourself from life

Make sure to stay socially active and connected. Physically that won't be possible, but find alternatives, such as calling with friends, setting up a video conference, reaching out on social media, sharing thoughts and emotions. Remember that everyone out there is looking for support and in need of connections

4.  Find a way to release your energy

To have an outlet for your emotions and for your built-up energy is very important. Whether that is in the form of exercises, writing in your journal, painting or recording videos. Any practice that you enjoy doing could be your outlet. In the end it is about distraction from reality, being focussed on a project or an enjoyable activity. Challenge yourself, set your own goals. Try to master an intense workout routine for example. 

5. See the benefits of these times

Find a positive twist to the time you have on your hands. Whether you work from home or not, try to spend your free time doing things you normally do not have time for. Maybe you wanted to start a course or maybe you never had time to enjoy the yoga classes before. There are many options to find digital solutions and to fill up your time. Try to become a better person for yourself, we could use these times on hold to centralize and focus on what we want in life. It is so important to stay positive and think of opportunities instead of problems. 

6. Be there for others

Maybe you feel isolated and alone, but so are many others. If you do not have a lot of direct contacts or friends, find your way on social media. More than ever before this is the easiest way to connect with like-minded people. Once you went through the process of acceptance it is much easier to motivate others, to send some positive vibes and to make new connections. You will see how good that feels to cheer somebody up or to provide support

Hang in there and be positive

Remember, how small your world might seem right now you are not alone. Apart from the fact that our freedom has been taken away for several weeks, do not let it take away your life lust. Stay positive, look for new ways to explore, reach out to others and be creative. You might get to some new insights on life, you might reconnect with old friends or maybe you find a way to create a new business concept. Be in the now and see its potential. Reflect and get the best out of yourself in these difficult times. Your thoughts and mental state define your happiness and success

Eventually, things will get back to normal. So what if you can remember this period as a life-changing experience and say: 'You know what,.. I did get something positive out of this, I did take more time for myself and I feel even better than before!'. 


Learn, grow and create. Stay positive, you got this!

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Alejandra Abregu
2 years ago

Gran artículo para calmar el alma en estos tiempos difíciles ❤️

Muhammad Faiq
2 years ago

Great work 👏🏻

Mariarita Marabello
2 years ago

Great article with lots of precious tips to put in place!