When Fear Takes Over

Here we are in a world that has changed from one day to another, into a place where many of us are suddenly afraid of what is about to happen next. Afraid of something that is out of our control, a spread of a disease, a virus that we currently cannot stop or get a hold on. The most interesting thing of all is that some of us either overreact or decide to do nothing at all and ignore the issue completely. However, this matter involves us all whether we like it or not. Let me tell you why and let me give you an insight on how to get through these next weeks. Whether you are afraid or not, we need to adapt. It is time we stick together and wake up!

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This does not include you?

Wait, hold on.. So this virus affects the economic situation worldwide, borders are closing, whole areas are in lockdown, toilet paper is running out.. we can carry the virus without knowing and passing it on to our loved ones and elderly, but this does not include you? Well, think again because it does. Even if you would try to continue living your normal life, things will be blocked for you. Moving around as you are used to, is not possible currently. As you might have noticed several places are in alert status and limited traffic is going in and out. Events are canceled, shops, restaurants and bars are closing. 

Don't underestimate the consequences of your actions

As a young healthy person, you probably do not have to be afraid to die. However, when hospitals are overcrowded (this is currently happening already) and you get infected, you can be assured that you will not get the proper care as what is needed. Also young people can get severely ill from the coronavirus. Another fact is that you can be a very healthy carrier of the virus, infecting other people around you, including your own family members.

What if you are the cause for your grandparents not surviving the virus that you carried around, as you refused to acknowledge the virus crisis? I am saying this just to make you realize the possible consequences of these actions.

mask virus protect

Don't panic, but be smart

I am not telling you to panic, but let's be realistic and smart about this situation. Things are happening in the world, it is not an everyday thing that the US is closing its borders completely for Europeans, it is not an everyday thing that cities are in lockdown and people are sent home to work remotely and schools close. So something shouldn't be right.. Now, how you deal with the situation is obviously completely up to you. But let's say we would all help a little and do the effort to make sure this is not getting worse and think about the people around us. Let's act for one time selfless instead of selfish and make the world a free place to live again, as soon as possible! 

Do's and dont's coronavirus:

  • Try to follow the advice and recommendations of the authorities, no they are not trying to play games with you, this is all for our common interest and health
  • Prepare yourself well to have food and drinks at home, but don't overdo it.. No one said convenient stores will close and that way we can all still eat
  • If you feel comfortable wearing your mask, do so but take the instructions of how to use it into consideration, try not to touch it after you took it off and wash your hands
  • Wash your hands in general more often, when you went grocery shopping or when you have been outside, wash them thoroughly once you get inside
  • When outside bring disinfectant for your hands
  • Do not collect toilet paper, the virus does not cause diarrhea! Just buy according to your normal stock. I am wondering who came up with the idea of hoarding toilet paper..
  • Even though it is hard, stay away or keep a good distance from friends, family, classmates etc. They are all very nice and sweet, but either you or them can carry the virus without knowing

Business vs Corona

These are hard times for many sectors and businesses, especially the travel, hospitality, and entertainment industry get hit very hard by the consequences of this pandemic. The most important at this point is to keep your personnel safe, in the end your business depends on them. Allow them to work from home as much as possible. 

Think of different approaches to continuing to operate your business. For example, try to 'meet' your clients digitally, set up conference meetings instead of face to face meetings. Think of a digital way to offer a different type of service if possible. Maybe you can use an app, or host events online via an existing platform where people can buy a login to attend the seminar or conference. In these times being creative is key!

remote work stay home

Knowledge is power

You would want to inform yourself well. Read several articles, watch the news, take a peek on social media (although do not believe everything that is out there). Filter the information, understand what might be real and what is fake. People try to benefit from the situation and spread a lot of nonsense and create panic for no reason. However, when you are well informed about a topic that is when you can make up your own mind about how to act, what to believe and to prepare yourself accordingly.

COVID-19 in Madrid

Here in Madrid, up to the moment that measures got more controlled and strict, some people were still doing Life As Usual as if nothing is going on. Is this partly on our government for taking action too late? Can you expect people to stay off the street when all the services are still operative? And on top of that the weather has been amazing in the past few days, so who wants to stay at home voluntarily? The first initiatives have to be taken by our governments. As long as they do not take action nothing is happening, right? No serious issues? At least so it seems. 

On March 13, Pedro Sánchez declared the Alarm Status in Spain. Meaning as of the next day all bars, restaurants, and shops are to be closed for a duration of 2 weeks. This also means that they can regulate the movement of people more than usual. Convenient stores and pharmacies stay open, to provide people with the essentials such as food and medication. 

But what is actually happening? Many citizens ignore the alarm status and go on mini trips as if it is a vacation! And the virus keeps on spreading.. Due to that reason, there have been and will be even more restrictions implemented.

I would like to ask: Is it really that bad to stay at home? Can we act even more selfish? If we would all show some solidarity and be dedicated, we can get back to our normal lives much sooner.

closed services virus crisis

What to do during corona virus isolation?

Whether you are in quarantine at home, or just staying in for precautionary measures, you probably wonder how to spend your time at home. It almost seems as people nowadays are afraid to stay in. I understand, nobody likes to be bored but you don't have to be. Do things you normally do not have time for, let me give you 12 tips on how to spend your time at home:

  1. Read the book which has been on your shelf forever, waiting for you to pick it up
  2. Clear out your closet or storage (you postponed it too long already!)
  3. Practice the hobby you lost out of sight, like painting, handcrafting, writing etc.
  4. Do exercises at home on a mat using some weights, you can look online or on apps for coaches and routines
  5. Maintain your garden if you have one
  6. Play games with your family members, if you're living alone you might like a videogame instead 
  7. Study! interested in a topic that you never have time to research? Do it now. Also, there are plenty of websites that offer online courses that even offer you a certificate once you finish. Like Udemy for example
  8. Sort your photos. My god.. do I have a lot of them! The folders where I store them are a mess. So I know what to do.. I am sure you recognize this problem ;)
  9. Netflix, of course! Watch the movies you wanted to see or the series you missed out on
  10. Pick up your phone and call! This is the time to connect with people on a different level, get off the chat and have a proper conversation. You might be surprised who you reconnect with to continue building deeper relationships after this is all over
  11. Start a blog, if this is something you had in mind for a while, this might be the right moment to start writing
  12. Last but not least, reflect, meditate and take some time for yourself. Also plenty of apps and videos available to help you find the method you like

Let's fight this battle together

Remember! This is a temporary thing. If we all participate consciously and we understand what is happening around us, we will get through this much faster than probably expected. Be nice to each other, help the world cure from this pandemic by being aware of your role in this crisis. Follow the guidelines given by your government, the sooner this will all be over!

Use this time to become a better person; reflect, grow and learn. We can go back to Life As Usual when this all passed by. 


Be safe and take care! #istayhome


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3 years ago

Loved the article! Thanks for Sharing it 🙏

Charlotte JIMENEZ
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Alexandra Singa
3 years ago

Wonderful article, very wise and useful! Thanks Fleur

Anouar N haddou
3 years ago

Stay at home and avoid social contact.
Each of us must take responsibility and agree not to see friends or family for at least two weeks.
If people do not respect this rule of maximum social avoidance, the disease will spread in proportions that are difficult to control.
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