Fear Of Missing Out?

Is this a thing..? In our daily hectic lives we need distraction to disconnect, a way to release stress and enjoy. We all have our different ways of doing so. Maybe you like to read, do sports, watch Netflix, meet up with friends or you go out. However, we get influenced by invites, by posts on social media and people around us. Those moments that look like the real thing, that we want to be involved in and feel related to.

This puts ideas and thoughts in our minds; What if I miss out on the greatest party of the year? What if my friends go without me? Maybe I will miss something. What if I regret not going? In other words Fear Of Missing Out, better known as FOMO.

FOMO is a trend word, but it is actually a state of mind. A state of mind in which we are influenced by the 'outside', by factors that create a thought and a feeling. 

Now, for some of us FOMO does not really exist, you might feel that there is no such thing as missing out. You might know how to choose what is best for you at a certain time. Many of us are probably not even aware of it, but have this feeling so now and then. How often do you not feel like going in the first place, but you get yourself together and you go anyway. Just because you do not want to miss this! And besides, everyone is going to be there... 


I am not saying that if you do not want to miss out on a party that you have FOMO. However, it very much depends on the reason of you going somewhere. In our daily lives a lot of us is expected. We are expected to be at work in time every day, we are expected to spend time with our family and friends, to show up at birthdays, at graduations and dinner parties. The social pressure can be very high. 'Ah come on, you have to be there! It is going to be great!', 'you should not miss this, it will be the best thing this year.' If you look at these situations, your friends or family make you feel like you have to be there. But these expressions are based on their own expectations, on their wish for you to be there. Not taking into account what your needs or preferences are at that point. But what this does to you, it can create an image in your mind. An image of something great, that you will remember. So, their expectations now became also your expectations. You go to the party and guess what, it is sort of disappointing. You would have preferred to read a book or go to bed in time. 

If you ask me it is a very natural thing wanting to be involved and join events and activities. But it is all about balance. As long as we make choices that we support for ourselves and as long as we are not afraid to miss out on something. Because what is the worst that can happen? Maybe some pics on Facebook or Instagram without your face on it. Or stories that you might hear later of from others. Maybe someone who says ‘you should have been there’. But does that really matter if you feel happy with the choices you make for yourselfStand strong in your own believes and your self-power, this will probably make you happier than a Instagram picture..

Focus on what you want, FOMO:

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