Happy new Year's Resolutions!

So here we are, A new year, a new start. How about your resolutions for this year? Are you going to lose weight? Going more to the gym? Drink less alcohol or get the job you always wanted?? Wait... Why is it that we need the new year to make resolutions and changes? Ok, it is a new start and yes a new year in numbers. I admit, it is a good moment to rethink our strategies and to set our new goals. But can't we do that anytime when we want to? 

new years resolutions

Don't overdo it

I love the holidays, spending time with family, the festivities, the decoration and the Christmas/ New Years' eve ambiance and excitement. I am just not a big believer in the resolutions. Why? Because I think many of us overdo it. We set such high goals, that at the end of the year we have to conclude that we did not achieve them and we start all over again in the new coming year. 


I believe in dedication, and dedication can be achieved and is lasting as long as we set realistic goals and when we stay motivated. I am not saying that resolutions, in general, are not a good plan. However, do we have resolutions just because it is a tradition? Or because we sincerely believe in them? 

What if we are more honest with ourselves and make sure we are not disappointed at the end of the year. What if we could say: This has been a good year, let's make the next one even better! How often do you see: 'Fuck 20** (last year's number), hello/ welcome 20** (this year's number). But was last year really that bad?? 


Every year will bring us disappointment, tears, happiness and joy to a certain extend. Every year there will be moments when you feel sad, annoyed, happy or ready to make a change. And let's be honest, that is what makes us feel most alive! That is what makes us who we are! That is what brings us closer together, and what teaches us how to grow and move on in life. 

new years resolutions

Let's be grateful for the past year and set realistic resolutions for this year. Maybe instead of going to the gym 4 times a week, 2 times a week would already be an achievement. Let's keep this year fun and achievable. How cool would it be when at the end of the year you can say: 'Yes! I made it and I fulfilled all my resolutions. Even better, I added to it during the year and I feel great about it! Now, I can even go one step further for next year.' 


Set realistic goals, do not disappoint yourself in the end. Make sure you are happy about who you are and where you stand in life, be grateful and appreciate what you have. 


Happy new year guys! Have a blast always, and in 2020! 

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