Great things don't happen overnight

How often do we get misled by successful people? Influencers from around the world make it seem like the way to fortune is a quick and easy journey. They promise us wealth and success from the get go once you sign up for their course, read their book or attend their workshops. And doesn't it sound tempting from time to time? We are all seeking success and happiness. And when someone is convincing enough we tend to believe that all they say is true.

Not too long ago I attended an event, it would teach you how to be one of the world's best speakers and a promise was made that 3 of the attendees would join the crew on a speaker adventure to the US. Now, I was wondering from the start, how can attending an event make me and everyone else here qualify as a speaker? I have to say that the information and the content they provided was impressive and convincing. But still, to me, there were many fishy things about this setup. The event was completely for free, but even before the lunch break they started selling USB sticks with training material on it. No clue what the content was about on the USB sticks, this information was not clearly explained. Despite the fact that there was a lack of transparency of what exactly they were selling, the majority of the attendees, instantly walked to the back with their credit cards once the break started. After lunch, they provided more interesting details about speaker skills and examples of influencers on stage making a difference. Later after lunch more extensive packages were sold with personal speaker training to book with them on the next event occasion. Thousands of dollars were swiped away by participants wanting to chase their dreams... 

With the above example I just want to make you aware of the level of influence some people have on us. People that have some sort of power, whether it is because they are celebrities, who have a lot of media attention or people who have a certain way of influencing and convincing others. 


We learn from a young age that we have to work hard, to finish school, to reach the level of top sport, basically work hard to succeed in life. We learn that there are long ways to go and that we have to be patient. So why do we nowadays assume that success can happen overnight?  

I know, you probably think that there are some people who became successful overnight. But is that really true? Maybe some of them have been working on ideas and creating concepts for years until something worked out well. Maybe, some of them have been 'lucky' with their first idea, but I can tell you that even then it did probably not come easy. Many successful entrepreneurs worked on their plans while having a job and staying up late at night to do the extra work. Or they created an empire, starting off from their garage living with their parents or in the smallest most affordable room in the city. Once we start digging into their stories, we may find out that they have overcome many challenges, financial crisis and maybe even had their whole social life on the line. 

However, I do believe that our success comes with a part of 'luck' as well. But this 'luck' is something that we have to create ourselves. To take on every opportunity that may cross our path, to fight for what we want and to never give up trying. The 'luck' that many successful people came across, has most likely been created by their own decisions, by their perseverance and their dedication to what is most important to them. Did you ever get lucky from sitting on your sofa watching tv? I think I know the answer to that. But did you get 'lucky' once you went out exploring, traveling, networking or just by joining a discussion? I guess you probably have the answer to this as well. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or want to succeed in your career working for a company, in both cases taking action is the key to success. Once you stick with this promise to yourself, you will start to see changes in your life, more opportunities and 'luck' will come your way.


Build your own way, work hard, be patient and never give up! 


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Kolja Van Zwoll
3 years ago

Nice article!