Gain on the plane

Every time I am on the plane for one of my trips, I get inspired. It is one of those moments when I do not get distracted by messages, calls, tv or anything else that we find at home or at work. I come up with new ideas, I read and I write. Without distractions, I can focus on all that is on my mind. I can then relax and reflect. I sit back, take a glass of wine (obviously depending on the time of my flight..) and I let my thoughts flow. And there I go, to my inner-self, make my analysis on life and reflect on things that have kept me busy most recently. Even though I am not crazy about flying, I try to get the most out of my time on the plane. If you want to travel, this is part of the deal, right? So I better turn the situation into something fruitful and beneficial.  

Many people sleep, play games, watch movies and listen to music.. And don’t get me wrong, I do the same as well, but mostly áfter my moments of inspiration.. I reward myself with a game or a relaxing activity like reading a magazine. And of course, I also sleep on a long flight, but not before I get all my ideas on paper ;). 

We all make our own decisions on how to fill in our time and moments in life. And for everyone the inspirational moments will occur at different times and different places. Mine are mostly coming forward on the plane and in the shower. But once we are aware of when our minds are at their peak, and we feel at ease to reflect or maybe even to meditate, we can gain some valuable insights and perspectives on our own thinking and believes


When do your moments of reflection occur the strongest? 


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