Obvious choices

One day after my birthday; one year older and one year wiser hopefully. Birthdays do feel like a new start to me, a new year of endeavors and opportunities. This year started of great with a vacation the week prior with my family, a get together with my group of friends on the night to my birthday and lots of sweet messages and phone calls. However, these days also make me look back on the previous year and where I am at in my life. This time I realized something that might be the most important lesson of this past year. With changes throughout the year workwise and situations that made me feel like self-motivation is very important, I also came to the conclusion that sometimes expectations can result in false decisions. What I mean by this is that we are very often confronted with what is expected from us and we try to live up to those. In my case for example, I studied Hotel Management and a background in hospitality and travel.. Automatically others would expect me to go for a job in that type of sector. But what if we feel different at some point about earlier decisions we took. What if I would like to make a small career change or do something that I have no experience in yet. Maybe in the first place it looks like a risk and people would act surprised. But what if I would say that my intuition says that is the best choice and that it feels exciting to start something new


The above is just an example, however the point I want to make is that we sometimes get stuck in what is expected from us. We even think that those expectations are what we want. I have made some quick decisions sometimes to fulfil my own expectations and from others by landing a job that made most sense. But what if we dig deeper and we look at it from the outside. Does it feel just as good? Or are we just excited about the theoretical match and challenge? More than we are excited about how we feel personally about that decision. However, this does not only apply to our jobs, but to many other decisions we make in life. Mostly the obvious seems right, but is it really? As we grow older and change, also our likings and preferences change. We learn from previous experiences and most likely adjust certain perspectives. So shouldn't we also adjust our ways of taking decisions and moving forward? Maybe we need to do what feels right and trust our gut feeling, even though it might not feels like the most logic choice at that point. 

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