Consistency wins!

We grow up with the routine our parents teach us from the moment we are born. For young children a daily pattern is the basis of education and practicing discipline. Often, babies get  impatient when that routine is broken, as they rely on their parents to feed them, to comfort them and to bring them to bed at a certain hour. Structure  is all they know to live by during their first years with us. 


But how important is consistency to us when we grow older? What does consistency mean to us? And how much do we value consistency once it is in our own hands? We probably all have or have had these people in our lives that always change their minds, or never keep their promises. People that have these surprise acts in store, or disappear all of a sudden. Are those the people you mostly rely on in times of need? Do you count on them when you need someone by your side

Consistency is something that many people lack. They do not see the importance of being consistent and frankly they do not care. But how can we be stable in a job or a relationship if we do not show any regularity or uniformity? In some cases, people know how to cover it up in their jobs, as they see work more as an obligation in which they have to show their consistency. So, in that case consistency is taught and only applied when necessary or forced. But how about social life and interaction on a personal level


The value consistency is for many the key to success, to get rewarded and earn the respect that is deserved. That is IF... you choose to apply consistency the right way. Meaning that if you are consistently late for work for example, people do get used to your behavior and will eventually judge you on the same. They will probably assume: 'he is always late, he does not take his job seriously' or 'he thinks he is too good for this role as he does whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases'. While being consistently on-time will have the opposite effect: 'he is always on time, so he cares about the job and his colleagues' and 'he is reliable. Besides, he values other people's time as well'. Even though these things might seem small, but who do you think would have the highest chance on getting promoted and getting offered a better salary?

Be consistent, reliable, committed and trustworthy. Why these 4 together? 

  • By being consistent, others know what to expect from you and they will act on that behavior as well. They will consider you as a structured and organized person, who knows what he/she wants in life. Besides, it shows confidence, stability and strenght.
  • Reliability relates a lot to being consistent. By creating a pattern, keeping your promises and applying structure; others will see you as a stable factor and are more likely to put their trust in you.
  • Commitment, keeping our promises, showing loyalty and dedication will make us a winner. Not giving up until you reached your goal, full dedication to a choice we made. Commitment is important to our boss at work, but also to our partners. Not showing commitment will cause trouble in either one of these situations. 
  • Trustworthy. Well, this one is last in this list. With all the above qualities ticked, you will probably already achieve most of the trustworthiness you deserve. Showing structure, being honest and dedicated, will make others to provide you with more responsibility, freedom and credits. Both in a professional as in a social aspect.   


Those who work hard consistently will be rewarded for that effort. Those, who are consistent in a relationship will receive a lot of respect and trust. Friendships can last for a lifetime when you consistently show them your loyalty and invest your time in them. People relate consistency to devotion, respect and values. Don't underestimate the power of consistency. ;)

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