Stand your grounds

Monday eve, and letting my thoughts flow, to reflect and clear my mind. I just came back from my Fitboxing class, that is my therapy, my release of stress and it puts me back on my feet. It makes me feel powerful and it grows my confidence. Oh and not to forget, obviously it makes me feel fit. I would recommend anybody to practice a sport or a hobby that allows you to not think about anything else, but just about the activity itself. I got back to my routine, focus on my work and plans to proceed with my projects and business plans. I have been in between family, travel, friends, meeting new people, and making a start on my own business. And time has been flying, I have been distracted from my goals, but also came up with some good ideas. Got inspired and motivated by people around me and learned some new insights. So now and then taking a side path can make us come back stronger than where we were before. 

The last two weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Ups and downs, speeding things up and slowing things down, fun and a bit of fear. But rollercoasters make us feel that we are alive. It makes us understand that not everything is guaranteed and unexpected things can happen in life. Also, it shows us that what crosses our paths, can make us feel the way we feel. Strong, determined, emotional and sometimes sad or even careless. But when we analyze the situations we got ourselves in, whether that is a good one or dissappointing one, and when we try to understand our own feelings.. We allow ourselves to grow, to move on and give everything a place or create a beautiful memory. 

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