Right kind of wrong

What is right and what is wrong? And who decides or tells us what to do. Most people have common sense of what they can do and what they shouldn't do. I mean we all know that robbing a bank is not a great idea and we are not allowed to do this, it is wrong. Of course, some extra cash is helpful but that is not the way. Not a surprise either, is that we need to pay the bill when we had a nice dinner with friends, even if we are almost broke. We need to adjust to certain rules in our society on how to behave, to not face any drastic consequences of our actions.  

But that part where there is this grey area, the decisions that would not get us in trouble whether we do it or not. What choices do we make in our daily life? Some people throw garbage on the street all the time, a wrapper from a burger, an empty bottle of water.. anything. They will not go to prison for it, but it is not right if you ask me. These are quick decisions and small compared to other choices. But it does affect our surroundings. I honestly can get very frustrated with people who do not care about their environment, neither about the people they come across. I sometimes wonder, do these people feel good about themselves? Like the ones that try to make other people's lives harder, the ones that feel they can look down on anybody, and disrespect the unwritten rules. But the unwritten rules, do we make them ourselves? Or is it just common sense and respect that guides us to decide what is right and wrong.

Have you ever had one of these situations where you felt like you were so right and everybody else was wrong? When you know that your way is the only possible way to go with, whether you get the support or not.. You will do it anyway.

That kind of situation, where there is no way back, because you already decided. I believe personally that this is a sign of complete confidence and determination. In some cases, it might not even be the best decision, but it is teaching us a lesson. Or maybe it guides us to something new. Everyone would like to have all the support, from family, from friends and the approval from who they are the closest to. But life doesn't always make it that easy. Some choices we just have to make to learn more about ourselves, and about the opportunities that lay ahead of us. To go with what feels good, what makes us happy and what makes us feel like a better person. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying not to listen to any feedback or consult from people who care about you. Cause they might be very right! But when your real passion is there, and you stand a 100% behind your own decision, they will feel it and you will know it is the right thing to do. 

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