Sleepless nights

Ok, so here I am with my jetlag.. I should be over it already, but I am not. And that is partly my own fault. I know that I keep my brain too busy during the evening, and with the combination of adjusting to the current local time, that is not a good mix! Anyway, I love the evenings and I am guilty on postponing my 'bedtime' way too often. Not that I have a fixed bedtime, but I know when it is time to go to sleep. And yet, I will stretch the night staying up late. I somehow get inspired at those hours, maybe by all the impressions and activities of the day and the things I read. My blog ideas mostly appear at night, after dinner or even later. Consequence is, that I cannot fall asleep so easily lately. When I had a fixed job, I could somehow let go a bit easier of my thoughts. Now, I think of new ideas and plans and ask myself questions.. Which is great, but I am telling my mind I also need my sleep. 'That would be great, thank you.'  I guess the more I think about falling asleep the worse it gets. I know I should have some kind of a routine to slow down my day and get ready for bed. However, I am struggling finding one and using it in time, instead of at 2:00am! 

Thoughts and happenings in our lives keep us busy all day long. From when the alarm clock rings until we go to sleep. And even then, we dream.. Which helps to clear our minds, to digest the impressions of the day and give them a place. I know that many people cope with sleeping issues on a daily base. And this can cause us to be tired and less focused during the day. How come we can be extremely tired and still do not manage to get our proper sleep? I guess we all have to disconnect from life before going to bed. Some people meditate, others just need a cup of tea or to read a book. I have to say, a cup of tea also does make me a bit sleepy most of the time. In the next few days I will be trying out some different ways and hopefully find my perfect routine to fall asleep easily and let go of my thoughts for the night.

Any tips are welcome in the comments guys! ;) Sleep well! 

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