Late vs punctual

Oops, I am delayed writing my second blog post for this week. I try to stick to fixed days, but sometimes busy moments take over. However, those moments are no excuses, not even in my own eyes. Once I start writing, I get into this flow of ideas and inspiration, so it is actually a great way to disconnect from all the rest for a while. Even fun activities we try to skip or postpone occasionally.

Some people have made a habit out of postponing events in life. They always arrive late, they do not keep their promises, or you have to follow up constantly on something that had been agreed. Even in jobs some people seem to get away with these manners quite often. I personally make sure to be always on time, we all have our moments of exceptions though, which can happen. But in general, I do not like to keep people waiting, or have them to ask several times for something they need from my side. People get annoyed with always-late-behavior, and at some point they stop taking you seriously. And when you do not show up at all, they will neither be worried nor surprised.

I have not always be as punctual as I am today. In my time of studying, during the first year, I had my days of arriving late to class. And my classmates started to get used to it a little bit. At some point I had to attend a class in the morning at 9:00am that I was not allowed to skip. However, I overslept that day.., badly..! I did not wake up until 10:15am! I panicked and contacted one of my classmates. After a quick chat I asked why nobody had tried to reach me.. His answer was; 'well, since you are late more often, we thought you would show up at some point'... That was the last day in university that I arrived late to school. I had to write a full report on what I missed that day in class and almost got in real trouble. So yeah, lesson learned..

Friends, family, colleagues or classmates, they will get accustomed to certain standard behavior, and will soon start to think you are sort of careless. On the other hand, if you are always on time and punctual, people will quickly wonder where you are on a day that you are arriving late. Friends and colleagues will most probably describe you as a reliable person, and family members will know that they can count on you. Time is of importance to everyone, and having people wait for you too often, does influence the overall image they have of you as a person. This does not apply only to being late, but also to not following up on agreements, not paying people back in time and not keeping your promises. A misstep or forgetting something can happen from time to time to everyone of us. However it would be wise not to make these habits part of our personalities. For our own sake. :) 

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