Ready, set, go!

I am here in Miami for about 8 days now, and my visit will come to an end soon. During my time here I have been thinking about life and the opportunities that lay ahead of me. Some kind of new energy is running through me, with ideas and good hopes. The other day I sat by the beach in a restaurant by myself, with the strongest Sangria I ever had. I did not know they add vodka to this drink in some places.. But well, it helped me relax and find a moment of zen. While I was sitting there, watching the people pass by on their way to the beach, an interesting thought crossed my mind. How ready are we for new challenges and situations that are unfamiliar to us? Are we prepared for them? Sometimes new things happen by choice and others just cross our paths. But do we have them under control?

Imagine, you are invited for an interview with a company that you always wanted to work for. You did your research, you came prepared and you know exactly how to present yourself and what would probably make them interested in hiring you. Your interview goes smoothly and so does your second one. You discuss conditions, they explain you their company values and rules. You are hired and you sign the contract. You are super excited to finally have the job you always wanted, and you can't wait to begin this new journey.

All of the above created certain expectations, you created expectations for the employer and they created the same for you. Two weeks later you start working, and after a few days of training all seems to be a bit different than you expected. The work itself is a bit boring, your colleagues are not so motivated, and you are making more hours than expected and than discussed. Is this because you have set the bar too high for yourself? Or did they make the job sound better than it is in reality? How ready actually were you for this new challenge? 

With the above example I am trying to explain that sometimes we cannot be as prepared as we would like to be. Our new boss, our trainer, our teacher or even our friends can set certain expectations of what is about to come. But in a way we always find out by doing, by trying, and by not giving up. I am a believer of the 'trial and error' method, which is described as 'varied attempts which are continued until success'. My thought: if you haven't tried, you will never know if your plan worked out in the end. I prefer trying and failing (and learning), rather than not having tried at all. Can we be ready for all that is about to come? Do we need to be? Or will there be, in some occasions, the space to try it out and see if we end up winning? No promises or expectations are set in stone. Maybe sometimes we just have to be ready, to explore and go!

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