Travel to disconnect

This week I am in Miami! :)

Most of my trips I plan quite last minute, I like to be flexible and choose to go on a trip when I feel like it. So very often I decide pretty late on where to go and when to book. This trip is one of those where I booked about 3 weeks in advance. When I was still working for an employer, I did not take the chance often enough to 'escape' and take some time off. I almost always felt as if I had no time, or if I could not leave my work behind. I got so much into the workflow sometimes that I did feel guilty leaving, and for that reason I only took short breaks or maximum a week. Which I think is not always the right way to go for. We all need our breaktime and to unwind completely from daily life. To get new energy, to rest and to even get inspired. 

Being here in Miami this week does make me think about life, about new ideas, and some plans that I want to execute when I am back home. While being here I try to enjoy, explore, but also relax at the same time. I believe a vacation should have all of the above to have its best effect on our wellbeing.

Many of us keep on going, non-stop, with tons of things on our minds, up to where we are in that infinitive flow we cannot get out of anymore. Sometimes we get so tired but we do not even realize it, because it is part of our day to day habits and routine. We should all take our time off and our well deserved breaks. Spend time with people we care about, share experiences and grow on a personal level. Travel is so enriching, it teaches you about other cultures and people, about your own emotions and capabilities. Even if life is making it difficult for us to disconnect, we need to make sure to take care of ourselves and find a healthy balance. So yes, maybe it is time to take that well deserved trip you have been thinking about and regain your energies. 

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