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Friends can be like family. Maybe you have one specific friend or maybe two or three that make you feel as if they are your own siblings. Over the years they became very close to you and maybe you went through a lot together. That creates a feeling as if they know you like no other does!

Friendships are very important to me. I value all of them! Some friends I am closer to than others, but that is a beautiful and a normal thing. You cannot have a super close band with everyone.. With some friends I just get to spent a little less time. I have friends who live very far away from me, but still, our connection is very strong. And even if we do not always speak, we are on each other's minds. Sometimes it does not matter how far we are, as long as we know that we are happy and think of each other. When we get to meet, the more the joy! But of course, I would prefer to have them all close to me ;)

In Madrid, I have an enormous group of friends, a great mix of guys and girls with a huge variety in nationalities. Italian, Dominican, Spanish, Argentinian, Colombian, Austrian, me being Dutch, you name it.. Some of us meet individually or in small groups and with the birthdays or big events we mostly all get to see each other and catch up. There are so many positive vibes, so much common respect and interest, so much joy! This creates a very strong base in our group, and I could not appreciate this more! Everyone of them is special in their own way.

In our society we are all extremely busy and sometimes there is no stop to it. However, we should make enough time to socialize. Why? Because it distracts the mind, it creates positivity, we can support each other, it makes you feel appreciated and loved. Besides, you get the chance to share experiences and important events in life, while learning about each others culture and habits. This opens up the mind and the curiosity about life in general. Sharing is caring, this also counts for experiences, ups and downs in life and emotions. A good listener can make you feel so much better, and especially a good friend, can take a lot of your worries and negative emotions away. Invest time, but most of all attention, show your appreciation and be there for the people you care about. Because all friendships are worth it!

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4 years ago

Los amigos son un tesoro ❤️ gracias por escribir estas palabras sobre nosotros!!!