Beauty from the inside out

Is beauty all that matters nowadays? Our generation is so much focused on perfection and beauty. We are confronted with beauty ideals all the time. In magazines, on social media, tv etc. Even when we take a walk around the block commercials show on billboards, windows of shops and salons are full of beauty products and 'too good to be true' pictures. How can we even compete with this image?

beauty inside out

Artificial beauty

Even though we see these images everywhere, we sometimes need to realize that most of them are staged. Supported by make-up artists, fashion designer clothes and not to forget photographed with the perfect angle and light. 

In our society, we are pushed to certain actions: how often we should go to the hairdresser, how much make-up we should wear and what clothes to buy. We might feel that we need to add up to these perfect images, to those celebrities, and models. This creates a lot of insecurity within and it affects how we look at ourselves in the mirror. 

Beauty goals

There is nothing wrong with having a certain goal to achieve when it comes to looks. Whether it is losing weight, having a six-pack, or getting that extra tan. As long as we remember that how we feel about ourselves, is the most important. We should not judge our appearance by comparing ourselves with the image of a celebrity or model. We should not try to be like them, just to feel great about ourselves. Sometimes we should just be happy with these extra few pounds on our hips, being short, or for not having the perfect hairdo. Because we are all different and in our own way unique. 

Stay true to yourself

Celeste Barber conducts a perfect example of how we want to showcase ourselves by pretending to be someone else. She is sending a message out to the world saying we do not look any better by copying others, in a very comical way. Just stay true to yourself be confident and proud of who you are.

Be unique

We should focus on our qualities and the beauty within, appreciate who we are and what we look like. We should cherish the people that love us for who we are, and who would never ask us to change. We do not need all these designer clothes to look pretty, confidence is the best piece you can wear.

We are all unique and beautiful one way or another. When we become aware of this, we can learn to appreciate our imperfections and start to like or love our features. It happened to me often that I felt insecure when a picture was taken, while years later I got to see that old picture again and realized that I did not look as bad as I thought at that certain moment.

A subjective thing

Apart from beauty concepts and what media defines as beautiful, it is all quite subjective in the end. What I consider beautiful, may not apply to you. We all have our preferences, which means that we attract people that think alike as long as we stay true to ourselves. Be your own kind of beautiful.

Be proud & confident, that's your true beauty!

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