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Timeless memories

Time is flying and so is life.. The moment when facebook shows me another memory of about 7 years ago, I can't help to think 'no way, is it that long ago already?' Some trips I took seem to be from last month while I took them more than 2 years ago. In my previous blog I wrote about little time that we have in our hands, however the moments they are in our hands. I remember after a long trip to get to Lanzarote I felt so extremely happy to arrive at our destination and take a dive into the pool. It has been the longest for me to get somewhere, ever.. due to weather conditions around the islands we had to make a stop on another island. We were stuck there for 2 days, spending most of the time at the airport. You can imagine my joy once we finally arrived at the place where we actually wanted to be. I will never forget that moment where we arrived at the hotel lobby and the receptionist offered us a glass of champagne.. Oh my god, that was just what I needed. We were finally there to start and enjoy our vacation.


Time is taken away from us, but memories aren't. The memories we keep are not attached to time or duration in that matter. They stay with us, they can last a lifetime. Many of us take certain luxury or advantages for granted and therefor forget about them easily. We should all be grateful for feeling these little moments of joy  and of luxury. With luxury I do not refer to high priced services or amenities.. But anything that makes us feel spoilt and treated well. This can be a glass of champagne, a rose or a hug at the time when you need it. How we feel at a certain moment affects the memory that we create in our minds. Live in the moment, but also feel the moment. That's when memories will be there to last. 

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