Shifting Energies

Today it is Friday and I am so ready to start the weekend. Even though I am not working for an employer currently, I still keep myself busy every day. I am working on so many small projects at the moment, it takes a lot of energy and efforts. And most work does not even pay off yet at all. I feel like I am fighting, but not sure where this battle will end. Yesterday I had a misunderstanding with a client and he wanted me to do the work all over again, even though he did not mention the task before that he had given me now. Do you know these moments when you cannot let go of a thought? It can claim your whole day, right? When something is bothering you and you feel like you should be able to fix it.. But, time to let go, because not all of it is in your hands. Earlier this week I watched a video from Gary Vaynerchuk, he is all over the internet right now and I agree on many of his statements. He mentioned in one of his videos that he just doesn't give a *** of what people think and what they say. In other words, he does not let any of it affect him in achieving his goals

Sometimes, for our own sake, we should have a little of that attitude as well. To not get distracted by negative thoughts and to let loose of what is keeping us down or holding us back. Some negative energies do push us into other directions, to where we should be or to what we actually should be doing. And maybe most importantly, to who we should be spending time with. A friend of mine is coming over for the weekend, so now I should make time to think about that and be excited to have people around me who are there for me, already for so many years. Whatever makes you feel better in a moment of negativity or being down, shift that energy to that specific something you enjoy doing. Stop thinking about what is blocking you for a moment and shift to positivity. Create your own feel of freedom. That problem you had, or that thought that is bothering you, will feel much lighter after. It may be even solved when you get back at it later on.

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