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So much to do, so little time..

Isn't this always on our minds nowadays? In the morning we wake up early to get ready for work and to start our days. Arriving at the office you run into deadlines and full email boxes and you rush your way fighting through them. You eat a quick lunch to still your hunger and the chaos continues..


Finishing work late, running to the supermarket to get some food, meeting a friend for a drink or going to do your sports. Then the day is over and the next day is not much different. In the weekends we should be taking time to relax but we do fill it up with activities and get together quite quickly.. Don't we? We are led by our obligations, time schedules and expectations from others.


I realize this is not for everyone an every week rhythm, however we find ourselves rushing from one thing into the other most of the time. Sometimes we forget about the now, as we are already moving to what is coming next. Shouldn't we all take a moment to reflect each day? Even if it is just sitting on the edge of your bed after work for 15 min doing nothing.. Or doing your 20 minutes meditation.. There are apps invented to help you relax and to make you realize that so now and then you have to take time into your hands.. And create a moment just for you.

Make sure that some of the time you spend is in your own control and create your moment of zen.

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