The grass is always greener..

From time to time we might find ourselves looking back at our past and the expectations we used to have. We look at our neighbors our friends and role models and see their wealthy lives. Maybe we realize that we are not where we thought we would be by now or that we do not have what we expected to have. However, comparing ourselves to others does not make us grow or get better. It will only make us feel bad, less important or less successful. But what we see from others will mostly be their better sides. Why is that? Because we only see a very small part of what their lives look like, maybe even a few seconds. We tend to think that everything is equally as great in their lives. But.. what we forget, is that we just see what they are showing us from the outside, a brief moment of joy, an accomplishment, a new expensive purchase, or we listen to one of their success stories. But this is not all there is.

When we have not achieved our ideals or our goals, whether that be material things or milestones like career or marriage, this can feel like disappointments and failures. Maybe we expected to own a house by now, or to have a wallet filled with money. But were those expectations realistic, or desirable? Maybe your life took a different turn, or maybe you made decisions that influenced the outcome of these expectations. Maybe you achieved so many other things already and the best is yet to come! Maybe.. just maybe we do have adjusted our goals along the way and realized other things in life that we actually prioritized and desired, but did not expect to desire in the first place.

No scenario is perfect and we deal with disappointments and adjustments in life as we go. As long as we believe and stay true to ourselves do not give up and we keep on believing. And patience is key. As long as we keep working hard to achieving our own goals. Trying not to idealize other people's situation, even though they might have their success and their moments of fame. However, they might be struggling to find their own happiness or went through a lot of trouble and hard work to get where they are right now. We should not judge our own lives based on other people's successes or accomplishments. Focus on what you have achieved and where you want to go. Don't get distracted by something that does not change or improve your life. Create your own moments, hold on to them and strive to become a better person every day. 


Growth and happiness are in your own hands. Stay true to yourself ;)


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