Distracted multitasker

In our society, we are more and more expected to multitask. In job descriptions it is often one of the requirements. 'You are a multitasker'. We are used to apply this 'skill' to our daily life. I am not sure if it is a skill actually, or just a habit and a way to be distracted. Can we still focus on one task, and finish it completely before going to the next thing? Instead of checking our emails in the meantime, replying to a text message or reading an article on that news page.. To me 'multitasking' means, not being able to focus on one assignment. Or often it is the job not letting us focus on one project at the time. Doesn't this influence our quality of work? Can we deliver the same product and giving it the same attention, when having done all these other things meanwhile?

Even in our personal lives we are multitasking constantly. Eating our dinner on the sofa, texting and watching tv. All three things at the same time. Did you really enjoy your dinner that you have been standing in the kitchen for? Or when you decide to go on a date with someone, are you able and more importantly, willing to put your phone on silent and leave it in your bag or pocket? To give that person your full attention and make him or her feel important?


All day long we are confronted with distractions. At work, distractions.. in the car, distractions.., at the gym, distractions.. even when we are hanging out with our friends we deal with distractions.. Is it a skill to be able to deal with all these distractions at the same moment? Or is it more of a skill nowadays to be able to focus just on one particular task or activity?

Even though we do not always realize this, but all these tasks and distractions make us feel tired at the end of the day. Because 'we had so many things to do'..

What if we create more order in these tasks and give ourselves the space to finish one thing at the time.. What if we put our phones away for a while and take a moment later to reply to those messages. Wouldn't our days feel more organized? Giving ourselves the room to do one thing or another, creates more time and more space in our minds to fully focus. This would end up in better results, more ease at mind for ourselves, and the impression to others of having our tasks under control

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4 years ago

You have a point here! Good post!

4 years ago

Thanks Iris! :)

Tebogo Reginald
2 years ago

Good flow! 🙂