One day in

One day unemployed and feeling a bit confused.. Getting up early to start working on some of my own projects and ideas.. But not having to be somewhere in time and no people expecting you to be there, feels kind of strange. I guess over time I will get more used to it and slowly will get into the flow of making my own daily program and plans. Let's say these are the adjustment days. It feels a little bit empty, as if I do not know where to go next and being alone in this whole process of finding my way. Not having a fixed income, floating on a board by myself in the middle of the ocean.. But at the same time I feel hope and curiosity of what is about to happen in the near future and excited about the new challenges to cross my path.

We have to keep faith in good things to come our way, even in times of disappointment and pain.. In these moments we must allow ourselves to take the space and comfort that we need to adjust and reflect to get back on track. Rely on people who believe in us and who are caring and want only the best for us. Family and friends can motivate and support more than we even realize. In times of hesitation and uncertainty search for positivity and focus on you. 

You will see, good things will start to flow. 

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