Life changing

So,.. here I am..! Decided to quit my job after a period of ups and downs and hesitations. Went all a bit too quick though! I offered to stay for a few more weeks at my job (thought that would be a win-win).. But my boss had a different opinion and told me that our cooperation would end the same day. Oops.. Now what?! 

After the meeting I went home with mixed feelings.. I felt a bit confused as I did not quite understand why they did not want me to finish my work properly. On the other hand I felt relieved, I made my decision and felt free to take the next step.

With my background in hospitality and travel I have been dreaming about creating my own freedom and realizing some ideas that I have had for many years! So here starts my journey.. to explore, to go out there, investigate my options and above all.. to write! To express myself, inspire others and pass on valuable messages to the world.

Making a drastic change in life will always be a risk. We tend to look for stability and hold on to what is giving us comfort and certainty. This can be the best way to go, especially if you are happy and there is no reason to let go of it. However, when we feel unhappy, forced and uncomfortable, then maybe, sometimes, after several failures to fix it, we can better choose to move on.

Even though this can be a scary and uncertain decision at times, I believe as long as you have a goal, stay true to yourself and focussed on what you want to achieve, you can make it work!


I am taking my chances.. Here we go! ;)


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Tineke Bartelet
4 years ago

Proud of you!!!

Mariarita Marabello
4 years ago

You are full of strenght and optimism. You will do great! Congratulation for your next project.

4 years ago

Thank you so much! More to come soon ;)