Sustainable vs Fast Fashion

Published on 29 September 2019 at 14:34

Are you aware of what you are buying?

More and more we are thinking about our environment, how the material we use is being produced and about unacceptable situations that people are living in. Due to media giving us an extensive insight to what is happening on the other side of the world, we start to realize that not all what we take for granted is morally correct

Many big clothing brands have their employees working under unacceptable circumstances. Apart from the working conditions, they get very low salaries and work extremely hard. But once we are aware we can make our own choices. To either continue buying from 'fast fashion' brands, or we choose to look into brands that are more environment and cultural friendly

Not too long ago I went to a sustainable fashion event, with presentations about different topics. These people were all passionate about improving the fashion industry and making an effort to inform others about what is really happening behind the scenes in the clothing production phase


sustainanble clothes fashion

Sustainable Fashion Brands

We might not think about it with every purchase we do, however we can decide to buy less from the big fashion brands so now and then. And choose for uniqueness, for slow fashion, for items that are handmade under decent circumstances. We might even get surprised about the quality of the clothes, as more time and attention was invested in creating them. 


So which ones are sustainable brands? Here I provide you a top 5 of companies, who are reducing the environmental impact, recycling, compensating their carbon offset and who are taking better care of their people.

1. H&M Conscious

2. Levi's

3. Amour Vert

4. Net-a-Porter

5. Taylor Stitch Menswear


Some of the big fashion brands are already working on improvements, as they start to realize that this is what the consumer wants. Some already have a sustainable part within their brand, such as H&M, while others are looking into changes of production. With time various brands will follow and improvements are required. Especially when we are all aware of what we are buying, where it is coming from and if we make concious choices


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