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Beauty from the inside out

Is beauty all that matters nowadays? Our generation is so much focused on perfection and beauty. We are confronted with beauty ideals all the time. In magazines, on social media, tv etc. Even when we take a walk around the block commercials show on billboards, windows of shops and salons are full of beauty products and 'too good to be true' pictures. How can we even compete with this image?

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Sustainable vs Fast Fashion

More and more we are thinking about our environment, how the material we use is being produced and about unacceptable situations that people are living in. Due to media giving us an extensive insight to what is happening on the other side of the world, we start to realize that not all what we take for granted is morally correct. 

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The way you dress conveys a message to the world. 

Fashion is constantly changing, trends come and go. So much variation to choose from and every season brings different colors and styles. People continuously buy clothes and accessories to update their wardrobe and to dress they way they like. You can mix and match, choose what suits you best and wear clothes that fit your personality best. 

You send a message to the world with what you wear. More than you think..


Suit your mood

Unconsciously you pick an outfit in the morning that match your mood. Do you feel lazy? Then probably the first thing you thought of or saw in your closet is what you picked. The day that you feel a bit down or sad, dark colors are probably what you would go for. When you feel energetic, you probably put more effort in your choice of clothes. You add some accessories and you take your favorite sunglasses with you. You arrive at work and your colleagues compliment you on your outfit. Would that have happened with your lazy-pick? Probably not. 

Your message to the world

When you walk on the street wearing your favorite jeans, your newly bought shirt and the heels that you saved money for to buy, you will most likely feel confident wearing what you are wearing. People will notice and you would see several looks going your way, you might even receive a compliment from a stranger. 

Our mood and how we feel is reflected in what we wear, and what we wear shows to the world how we feel.

When you feel inspired you will be more creative in your choice of clothes. When you feel serious, your look will reflect this and will be more professional. Once we are aware we can reconsider our choices in the morning and maybe even change our mood..

What message do you want to send to the world today?