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About Your Mindset Blog

Your mindset determines how you feel and thoughts create your perspective on life. Thouhts are driven by emotions and emotions are created by our brain.

We can learn how to control our emotions and program our mind.  Here I focus on mindset and provide you with some lifehacking tips to stay positive, to overcome dissapointments and to live a happy and successful life. Our journeys, the challenges and the goals we want to achieve in life.

With the right mindset comes a whole lot of inspiration and dedication. 

Mindset difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

I have always been passionate about sharing life experiences and stories. People live on stories. We are guided by advice and constantly looking to gain more knowledge to improve ourselves on a personal level. My purpose is to share my point of view on mental health, on challenges we face in life and on the path to follow in order to reach our goals! Our mindset defines who we are and what we achieve in life

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Mindset passion led us here

I provide you with content on my favorite topics and posts within my blog section on a regular base. Bringing you valuable content and advice with the intention to inspire and to motivate you. To always get better and moving forward in life with your head up high and confidence.

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About me

My name is Fleur. I am a Dutch expat living in Madrid, Spain, a beautiful and lively city where I lead a very active and social life. Recently, I took the chance to explore my entrepreneurial skills. Having worked for various companies while living abroad, I would like to get my messages out to the world. 


In my free time, I love to enjoy some good company along with an interesting conversation and a glass of wine over a nice dinner. I go to the gym regularly and practice fitboxing once or twice a week to stay fit and feel healthy. I like traveling, exploring new places, writing, reading and painting.


My site and blog are written from my expat lifestyle perspective, based on my experieces. A lifestyle blog with a positive mindset and content for all. 


Enough about me ;) I will let you go ahead and explore more of my site. 


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